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BLKVLD academic publishing

Do you want to publish your dissertation as a commercial edition...

…for a fair price, receive royalties and get a low price for author’s copies? We can assure you we will give you a competitive price for a POD published book including 100 printed copies, a relaxed production process, a personalized design and royalties!

If you already have a publisher, please feel free to ask us a price as well!

What can BLKVLD publishers do for you?

To us the process of publishing a book is at least as important as the result. We consider this process to be a joint effort of the publishers and author. Your book can be printed both as hardcover or paperback, and will receive an ISBN. We will sell the book through our webshop,, and other international bookstores. We can work with different design grids, take most of the work off your hands and still give you a great deal.

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