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Métier magazine

The quarterly (Dutch) magazine Métier was launched in 2017. New editions come out at the beginning of each season. In addition to the four issues yearly, an international edition of Métier (in English) is published once every two years as well. Métier Magazine is devoted to engaging its readers in art, craft, material and techniques. We aim to stimulate our readers and hope to engage and inspire them to incorporate that inspiration into their everyday work and lifestyle. We aim to create a dialogue between designers, craftspeople and historians or heritage professionals.

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Metier International


Métier International is an biennial (English) edition of Métier magazine. The International edition is not part of the subscription and can be ordered separately from our webshop. Métier International will combine amazing stories of crafts, objects and artists from all around the world, with some very interesting Dutch designers, art, and technological innovations.

Métier Specials

Together with an organization, company, institution or private individual we can produce a special edition of Métier featuring one or more specific topics. One condition is of course that the topic of your choice will fits the focus of our magazine. The link below will link you to our Métier Specials webpage.

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