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Books with passion

We love books. We love the smell of freshly printed ink and the crispy sound of new paper. A beautiful book on the table with a gripping content, it isn’t a lot more that motivates us. Books we publish are produced with love and passion. To us the process of publishing a book is at least as important as the result. We consider this process to be a joint effort of the publishers and author in a temporary cooperative enterprise.

Lectures, symposia or catwalk

It goes without saying that our books should be brought to the attention of our audience. Apart from a more or less standard book presentation, we like to present our projects in a slightly different manner, for instance in a symposium or lecture, with antique costumes on the catwalk or a heritage clinic where scent and jewelery were the main subjects.


Book presentations

When we launch our books, it goes withhour saying that we also organize book presentations, with the author signing copies. The choice of location for these events is of great importance. Preferably we choose specialized bookstores, museums or a galleries.


Media campaigns

Apart from book presentations we also arrange social media campaigns around our book projects. We have contributed to podcasts and radio interviews with our authors, and reviews for newspapers and magazines have been arranged.

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