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About us

Who are we?

BLKVLD publishers was founded in 2015. We specialize in history, cultural heritage, archeology, ethnography, nature and art. In addition, we are open to all kinds of different subjects and feel free to publish whatever topic we find interesting or important. BLKVLD Publishers originated from the design and communication studio Blikveld, established in 1996. BLKVLD is owned by Lonneke Beukenholdt and Jolanda Bos.

Lonneke Beukenholdt

Lonneke is designer and publisher. She is the owner of BLKVLD and has been making books for over 20 years. Lonneke has a great interest in topics like nature and archeology and has been working in the archaeological sector for over 16 years. She has specialized in presenting archaeological heritage to a wider audience through her designs.

Jolanda Bos

Jolanda is archaeologist and co-owner of BLKVLD. In addition to her archaeological specialization and work as a heritage consultant, she has been working for years as a writer for various professional journals, popular scientific magazines and books. In addition to her writing, she is responsible for most of the editorial work and the marketing at BLKVLD.

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