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‘Nederland Blijvend in Verandering is een rijkgeïllustreerde biografie van ons landschap.’
> Arnold Hendriks

Some of our books

Commissioned publications

Apart from our own funded book projects, we also publish commissioned books. Do you want to publish your jubilee or another event through books or magazines? Do you want to reinforce your vision, disseminate your company history or your professional knowledge? We are storytellers and designers and can realize a professional publication in close cooperation with you!

Evenents and book presentations

In addition to publishing books and magazines, we also carry out other projects. Of course these projects are often related to a publication. For example, we organize lectures, symposia and organize social media campaigns around book projects. And we also organize (different forms of) book presentations for the launch of our books.

Métier magazine

BLKVLD is the publisher of Métier magazine. Métier magazine is a quarterly magazine devoted to engaging its readers in art, craft, material and techniques.

BLKVLD academic publishing

Do you want to publish your dissertation as a commercial edition for a fair price, receive royalties and get a low price for author’s copies? We can assure you we will give you a competitive price for a POD published book including 100 printed copies, a relaxed production process, a personalized design and royalties!

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